In early fall, 2016, my wife and I were at the Bath Farmers' Market when I spotted a table where they were selling spring bulbs. We were new to Bath, having moved from Cold Spring, NY, in September and were still getting our bearings. My wife loves her gardens and I knew she would want to see what kind of bulbs were on offer. 

When we approached the table, I noticed that it was manned by the Bath Sunrise Rotary Club. "What does Rotary do", I asked Club member Susie Reed? "We raise money to give it away", she replied. 

That was enough for me: "How do I get involved", I asked. The rest is history. Not a lot yet, but still history. 

It turns out I haven't been the only one interested. At the April 7th meeting six new members were welcomed to the club by Membership Chair Brian Mulligan and District Governor Marge Barker. 

From left to right you have Gwyneth Arrison, structural engineer and current pastor of the Bath Methodist Church; Dennis St. Pierre, actor, singer and dramatic arts teacher; Richard Price Jr., local banker; Brian Mulligan, Kimberly Gates, who heads up the Bath Food Pantry; Nancy Carleton, William Ravens Carleton Real Estate in downtown Bath; Marge Barker, and me, John Dunn, retired software engineer and would-be paper engineer and wood carver. 

This influx of new members and the variety of backgrounds they come from are a clear signal that the Bath Sunrise Rotary Club is a growing and dynamic organization. Want to know more? Give our President, Bob Reed, a call at 207-844-0451 or e-mail him at . You'll be glad you did. We will too.