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Our Club Winter Weather Meeting Cancellation Policy:
if RSU1 has a delayed opening or cancels school due to winter weather on a morning we have a meeting, our meeting is cancelled. Given we meet at 7a, it makes sense to check before coming in. Stay safe! We will do our best to post here also by 6:20am. the morning of the meeting.
We sold a lot of flower bulbs this morning at Bath Farmers Market! Thanks to everyone who supported us and all the members who turned out to staff the booth. We will be there the next 3 Saturday mornings from 8:30am to Noon as long as supplies last. We have 12 new varieties for a total of 30 kinds. Check out these 2 new beauties, Olympic Flame Tulip (the yellow one) and Slawa Tulip. All our bulbs come fresh from the Dutch company Van Engelen Bulbs. We buy in bulk and repackage for your gardening pleasure.
Our club has a new fundraiser.
A month long Calendar Raffle.  We will only be selling 500 total tickets.  Each ticket is $10.  In the month of August, we will have a drawing each day and the winner will be posted on our Facebook page that day.  AND if you win, your name will will be put back in the pot so you can win more than once!
Check out the photo for prizes for each day.  For more info and to purchase tickets, email
Our club is now on TV! Click this link to watch videos on demand in the near future of some of our speakers from the past month:
by visiting, click under services and then BCTV, scroll down to view schedule listing or if you don't have cable then check it out on the Video On Demand option.
DVDs are also available from Steve Marois of BCTV for $10 each.
On Friday October 20th Guest Speaker Josymar Cardona shared with us what it was like to be trapped on a island with 150 mph winds taking place outside and within an hour 3 ft. of water was everywhere. One month after 2 hurricanes devasted Puerto Rico and surrounding areas, not much has changed.  Check out her presentation On Demand at BCTV.
It's that time of the year again!!  
Please use the 2017Holiday Wreath Order Form to the right and up in the Downloadable Files section to order your wreaths or contact Carol Fleming at!!
We have the Maine Wreath, as pictured, and 3 sizes of green with red bows, check out the order form for more info!
Bill Silver (Past Pres Damariscotta-Newcastle RC) shared with us his passion, Gizmo Garden, at our meeting this morning as Steve from BCTV videoed his presentation.  Thanks Bill and Steve!!!
Lonnie Hackett of Healthy Kids/Brighter Future was awarded a Paul Harris plus 1 pin by Pres. Bob Reed for his efforts in Zambia at our meeting this morning.  Thank you Lonnie for being an inspiration to all you touch!
FOR MORE INFORMATION visit these links:
At our July 7 meeting, Peter Johnson, in the middle, awarded Paul Harris Society pins to Gwyneth Arrison.and Pres Bob Reed. Thank you for your generous giving!
At our August 4th meeting, all of the members of the Grants Committee were recognized as Paul Harris Fellows for their efforts in 2016/2017. From Left to Right: Pres. Bob Reed, Foundation Chair and Committee Member Jim Atherton, ADG Claudia Frost who did the pinning, Committee Member Jon Huntington, Committee Member Kim Doughty and Pres-Elect Carol Fleming, Committee Chair. Congratulations to all!
 At our June 2 meeting, Past President Al Mesrobian was the recipient of a Paul Harris plus 2 which means being a Paul Harris donor three times ($1,000) each. Sgt. at Arms and Protection Officer Brian Beckman , in the red hat, received a Paul Harris plus one because of all his many service hours. Secretary Betty Hughes received a Paul Harris plus 2 and Treasurer Susie Reed and Community Service Chair Eleanor Swain, each a Paul Harris plus one. Pres. Bob Reed, assisted in the pinning by District 7780 Foundation Chair Marty Helman, estimated that the club’s annual service hours at minimum wage are worth $35,000.Thank you to all for your commitment and dedication to our community and world!
Our "Makeup" Yard Sale for Mayfair is tomorrow, at 11 Wildwood Dr (off Gurnet Road) from 9am-1pm. Stop by for all kinds of treasures and goodies you just can't live without! The proceeds from this sale will benefit The Bath Area Food Bank.

(Photo is from our efforts in 2011 at Mayfair)


In early fall, 2016, my wife and I were at the Bath Farmers' Market when I spotted a table where they were selling spring bulbs. We were new to Bath, having moved from Cold Spring, NY, in September and were still getting our bearings. My wife loves her gardens and I knew she would want to see what kind of bulbs were on offer. 

When we approached the table, I noticed that it was manned by the Bath Sunrise Rotary Club. "What does Rotary do", I asked Club member Susie Reed? "We raise money to give it away", she replied. 

That was enough for me: "How do I get involved", I asked. The rest is history. Not a lot yet, but still history. 

It turns out I haven't been the only one interested. At the April 7th meeting six new members were welcomed to the club by Membership Chair Brian Mulligan and District Governor Marge Barker. 

From left to right you have Gwyneth Arrison, structural engineer and current pastor of the Bath Methodist Church; Dennis St. Pierre, actor, singer and dramatic arts teacher; Richard Price Jr., local banker; Brian Mulligan, Kimberly Gates, who heads up the Bath Food Pantry; Nancy Carleton, William Ravens Carleton Real Estate in downtown Bath; Marge Barker, and me, John Dunn, retired software engineer and would-be paper engineer and wood carver. 

This influx of new members and the variety of backgrounds they come from are a clear signal that the Bath Sunrise Rotary Club is a growing and dynamic organization. Want to know more? Give our President, Bob Reed, a call at 207-844-0451 or e-mail him at . You'll be glad you did. We will too. 


We had a busy meeting Novmeber 18!

We welcomed John Dunn as our newest member. He found us at the Bath Farmers Market selling our flower bulbs, pitched right in to help, coming back several weeks, earning the nickname "The Bulb Guy". Attended several meetings and found a home with our eclectic group. We look forward to partnering with him in Rotary.

Jennifer Clark, Anti-Trafficking Ministries Coordinator of the Salvation Army in Portland, and Dee Clarke, Founder of Survivor Speak, shared with us the much needed work they do for sex-trafficked and exploited women. Please check out the website in the first comment. Thank you ladies for your service to our community!


A huge thank you to all who participated selling, hanging etc of our wreaths fundraiser!!  We are now SOLD OUT for the 2016 Holiday Season.
 It's that time of the year already!!  
Please use the 2016 Holiday Wreath Order Form to the right and up in the Downloadable Files section to order your wreaths or contact Carol Fleming at!!
We have the Maine Wreath, as pictured, and 3 sizes of green with red bows, check out the order form for more info!

We are eagerly awaiting shipment of our bulbs due in last week of this month. To see what is available, check out the 2016 Bulb Fundraiser Catalog in the right hand column of this page under Home Page Download Files.

You can purchase them on Saturday mornings in the month of October while supplies last at Bath Farmers Market and in front of Brackett's Market.

Peter Lindsey from Success by 6, a United Way program for literacy, a focus of DG Marge Barker, accepting a donation from our club's Literacy Chairs,Gwyneth and Betty, this past Friday. Thank you Marge and Peter for all you do for our communities.
Thank you, District Governor Marge Barker for visiting us today and sharing your goals for this year!
We inducted two new members, Alexandria Driscoll (Alex) from Bath and Gwyneth Arrison, transferring member from Freeport. Welcome!!! Odyssey of the Mind team from Woolwich and parents and coaches shared with us about their fabulous trip to the International competition earlier in the year.
ADG Claudia Frost, PDG Bob Gravino from Ipswich and PDG Joe Hahn (our club's "godfather") also graced us with their supporting presences, as well as guests of members who came just to check out what we do.
Thanks to everyone for making an informative, fun and enjoyable breakfast!!!!!
 Advanced sales will be possible from now into September, and the bulbs actually arrive in late September.  We will have your advance orders ready for pick-up at our booths at the Farmers Market in Bath and in front of Brackett's every Saturday in October.
This year for our Bulb Fundraiser we are featuring a wide assortment of Van Engelen Dutch spring flower bulbs as we have in years past.  And this year we have expanded our offerings to include some amazing and unusual beauties. Remember that while filling your senses next spring, you will be supporting local, area-wide, and international Rotary projects.
We have five new varieties of allium which look like holiday fireworks. Imagine tiny dancers in the form of red, striped and purple lily flowered tulips. Nothing says “wow” like black parrot tulips. Heads will turn at our new collections of dazzling bicolor narcissus. 
 If you would like to see our catalog, contact Al at Occupational Health Associates at 442-8625 OR click on the links in the right hand column of this page under Home Page Download Files for the Order Form and New Selections Catalog.  
Get your order for the new ones in early, as supplies will be limited and may not be available after the bulbs come in!
This past Sunday some of our members planted flowers at the Civil War Monument at the intersection of High and Centre Streets.  Lovely job as always, thanks guys!
Nathan Carpenter !! Yesterday morning at our annual Culinary Arts Department breakfast at BRCTC, Nathan Carpenter was officially recognized as the 2016 recipient of our Emily McMann and Ethel MacNeil Culinary Arts Scholarship. We are honored to be of service to such a compassionate and caring young man. Congratulations, Nate!!
And as always, the food was delish!!!!!!
More photos of our meeting, which included DG Sheila Rollins and her husband, and ADG Claudia Frost.
We raised almost $1000 today for a new freezer for the Bath Area Food Bank!!!!  Thanks to all!!
This past Saturday, April 30 from 10a to 2p, Bath Sunrise Rotary had a work day at the Food Bank to assemble the fresh produce display stand, stocked and cleaned shelves, organized the stock, fixed the vacuum and cleaned the front lobby.  The club bought 2 new freezers to replace the oldest ones, along with a new printer for the office in the past few months.  In conjunction with the Food Bank Executive Director, they have set up a replacement schedule for the rest of the 11 units between 9 and 30 years old over a ten year period. Annually they will hold a fundraiser identifying the Food Bank identified as the recipient. A portion of the proceeds will go to the purchase of at least one unit a year.  This year’s proceeds from Mayfair 2016 (May 7) are earmarked for one more freezer.
The Rotary Club of Bath Sunrise received a $3500+ grant last year for their project to assist the Bath Area Food Bank.  The goal of this project is to help the Bath Area Food Bank in executing a plan to create the "Model" Food Pantry "Supermarket" that can be duplicated by other organizations. The Food Bank is in the process of physically transforming into a place where clients choose the items they want in each food category rather than being given a box of food. This has led to less waste and a better experience for the recipients.  The project includes the building and installation of a fresh produce storage and display unit. Club members will also do the maintenance of existing shelf units and perform one day of maintenance annually for the Food Bank.  
The Bath Area Food Bank is, directly and indirectly, involved with the Food Pantry, Soup Kitchen, Mobile Food Pantry, Food Pantry at Morse High School located in the school library, Middle School Backpack Program and assistance to homeless teens. The Food Pantry provides food for over 200 families a month. In addition the high school pantry gets visited about 275 times a month. Up until recently the need was increasing at a 10% annual rate. With the cut in SNAP (Food Stamp) benefits they have noticed a substantial jump recently. The Bath Area Food Bank serves 200+ families per month, over 500 people, including homeless high school and middle school students who visit the Food Pantry at Morse High School.
The club is proud to say that ALL members of the club are involved in this project.  Please visit for more photos!
 It's that time of the year already!!  Please use the 2015 Holiday Wreath Order Form to the right and up in the Downloadable Files section to order your wreath or see one of our members!!
A huge thank you to all who supported our Bulbfest fundraiser from the folks who bought the flower bulbs to the members and friends of our club who bagged, labeled and sold the bulbs.  We netted over $1900!
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